Avast VPN vs NordVPN

Avast Secureline is a popular choice – well priced, 7 day free trial and produced by one of internet securities legendary names. But stood up next to NordVPN, Avast struggles to match up from a technical point of view. While winning on price, NordVPN’s generous 1 month free trial even makes 7 days look like a paltry offering (when it really isn’t). NordVPN on top, Avast with a solid showing.


Leona Baker, Author

Riley Marsden, Chief Editor


Stuck for choice on a VPN? So many people are. If you’ve got it down to these two Avast VPN (also known as Avast Secureline VPN but from here on we’re refer to it as Avast VPN) and NordVPN then well done – you’ve made progress. The next step is splitting these two, very competent, VPNs apart so you can make a decision.

The first thing you should know is that these are two of the best offerings on the market, so you won’t go far wrong. But what you want to know is who comes out on top, right? We tested both of these extensively with hours of browsing, streaming, gaming, torrenting and switching server locations to be able to pen this review. Let’s get to it.


Whether you connect via a nearby server or a long-distance server, NordVPN provides consistently short connection times and high speeds – a little under 26mbps on a nearby server and almost 22mbps on a long-distance server.

AvastVPN also offers efficient connection and decent speeds of up to 22mbps on a nearby server and a little over 18mbps on a long-distance server, comfortably allowing you to stream and browse with little delay.

Although both services perform well in terms of speed, NordVPN comes out narrowly on top.


One area in which NordVPN has a significant advantage over AvastVPN is server range. This is not necessarily a deal breaker – a wide range of servers is important if you want to access region-specific content, but may not otherwise be necessary.

However, if you do require a VPN with servers across the globe, NordVPN is the superior choice.

NordVPN currently provides 5579 servers across 59 countries, compared to AvastVPN’s 55 servers across 34 countries. With popular streaming services such as Netflix limiting much of its content to certain countries, NordVPN’s wider coverage opens up a great deal more content to you – and if you travel abroad frequently, it can even allow you to access content that is only available in your home country.

If you only require a VPN for security purposes, then the number of available servers may not be a consideration; however if you do require a VPN with servers around the world, then NordVPN is the clear winner.


Both AvastVPN and NordVPN offer an array of features to make using a VPN a more efficient experience.

Each of the services uses AES-256 encryption to ensure your connections are secure and kill switch protection, a key feature that automatically stops your internet connection if you are disconnected from the VPN server – ensuring your activity remains private.

Similarly, both VPNs provide a no-logs policy to maintain the security of your online activity. Without a VPN, your internet service provider (ISP) can keep a log of all your online activity, and these logs can be made available to external bodies including government officials and advertisers.

The no-logs policy of NordVPN and AvastVPN prevents your ISP from monitoring your activity using encryption.

One area in which the two services diverge is the ability to offer simultaneous connections. While NordVPN offers six connections as standard, AvastVPN’s basic package limits you to one connection at a time – you have to pay an additional fee to increase this to five simultaneous connections.


One of the key benefits of a VPN is the ability to access content that is restricted to certain regions. For example, the streaming content available to you through on-demand video services such as Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video in the UK will differ considerably to the content available on the US version.

In theory, you should not be able to access region-specific content – but a VPN allows you to access all available content simply by connecting via a server in that country.

The majority of streaming channels can be unblocked using either AvastVPN or NordVPN, however a few notable services have banned the use of many VPNs, preventing you from accessing any content regardless of where you’re connecting from.

Currently, NordVPN is not affected by this ban and is still able to unblock region-specific content on all major streaming channels. AvastVPN is able to unblock most services, but is not able to do so for Netflix, Hulu or Fubo.

Given Netflix’s popularity, this could be a major issue for some – so NordVPN is the winner in this category, although it is worth mentioning that both services provide excellent video streaming quality.


Torrenting remains one of the most popular ways of downloading content, and many that use torrents will enable a VPN to ensure their downloads are secure and private. An increasing number of VPNs do not allow access to P2P file-sharing software for various reasons, which is something to be aware of if this is your preferred method of downloading.

Both AvastVPN and NordVPN have dedicated servers that allow torrenting but, once again, NordVPN is the better service when it comes to the finer details.

NordVPN’s network of over 5,800 servers dwarfs that of AvastVPN, who boast just nine, while NordVPN also uses obfuscation technology when browsing torrent websites, ensuring your activity cannot be tracked.

With faster torrent speeds also available through NordVPN, it is the superior product when it comes to torrenting.


If you’re a hardcore gamer then it’s important that you have access to a VPN that supports your activity.

Some ISPs limit your bandwidth at peak times, which can be problematic if you are playing a game that requires a fast connection – VPNs make it more difficult for your ISP to monitor your use, helping you to prevent them from limiting your bandwidth.

You may also find that some games are made region-specific – often games are released on different days in different countries, and early releases are limited to that region; A VPN can allow you to access these games when they are released.

Once again, it comes down to speed and NordVPN’s high speeds and wide range of servers make it the ideal choice here, although AvastVPN is a satisfactory alternative.

Free Trials

Nordvpn free trial

NordVPN’s month-long trial is the shining star of their pricing policy. A month is long enough to test it extensively and goes a long way to helping customers feel secure in their decision. Other leading VPNs would do well to take note.

Avast free trial

Avast offer a slightly less generous 7 day trial. It’s actually a good offering and plenty of time to get to grips with how the product works. Unfortunately when you put it up next to NordVPN’s trial, it’s naturally going to come up a little short. But Avast gets a thumbs up from me, one week should be enough to make your decision.

Other Considerations


Both AvastVPN and NordVPN offer a range of pricing options to suit your needs. AvastVPN’s prices start at $3.97 per month ($5.30 per month for multiple device access) while NordVPN’s prices start at $11.95 per month.

Both services offer significant savings for longer contracts; a 12-month plan with NordVPN costs just $5.75 per month.


Both AvastVPN and NordVPN have dedicated customer support teams who are able to help with everything from installation to billing and cancellation queries.

Both are known to be responsive and helpful so nothing to flag here in terms of customer service doubts.

The Verdict

Truly, Avast has a strong VPN product in their Secureline offering – it ticks a lot of boxes that most VPN users will be looking for.

However, in this review we’ve put it up against arguably the market leader. NordVPN continually outshines its opposition in many corners and I have trouble finding many flaws. 

Avast would be the option for the price conscious. They come in notably under NordVPN but for everything else you’d have to say that NordVPN provides the all round package. We have a clear winner folks.