AVG VPN Review

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With AVG VPN coming to the table offering a generous free trial and a money-back guarantee, it’s difficult to not suggest giving AVG a try. It’s weaknesses are clear, however, with limited streaming and torrenting speed (+ server options) and no gaming offering, AVG is behind the pack in the VPN market.

AVG VPN Review

Trevor Akinde, Author

Riley Marsden, Chief Editor


AVG VPN was acquired by Avast Avast Software back in 2016 who also have another VPN product called Avast Secureline, so you probably recognize the name. The two products share many similarities and both have some way to go to be able to compete at VPN’s top table. Avast, though, is happy to play on its brand – a giant in the world of antivirus software they use that awareness to now step into the world of internet security with a VPN product (or two).

And because the name is so recognizable, it would be tempting to purchase their VPN services without much research, but like any technical product it’s worth looking under the hood before you click the buy button. Being strong in antivirus software doesn’t necessarily make you strong in internet security. Though initial glances look positive – for example being based in the Czech Republic, which is not in the 14 eyes alliance; is favorable.

Let’s look at what the rest of AVG VPN has to offer.


The speed of the VPN is one of the most important aspects, other than the actual safety the service provides.

Paying for a slow VPN is frustrating at best and infuriating at worst. The speed with AVG is not the best you can have with a VPN service.

We ran some basic tests in different locations around the world, here’s the results: 

  • Taiwan
    • Ping: 61ms
    • Download: 21.60 Mbps (58.1% slower)
    • Upload: 25.60 Mbps (47.8% slower)

  • EU
    • Ping: 295ms
    • Download: 5.19 Mbps (89.9% slower)
    • Upload: 1.60 Mbps (96.7% slower)

  • US
    • Ping: 307ms
    • Download: 6.21 Mbps (87.9% slower)
    • Upload: 2.94 Mbps (94.1% slower)

How AVG VPN Works

Knowing how a VPN service works with different things you might be doing on the internet is an essential piece of information to have when choosing which company to go with.

Some companies will not work with Netflix, mostly because the streaming mogul has blocked them, and others that will not let you torrent.

Streaming with AVG VPN

Let’s get to the key question, does AVG work with Netflix?

While AVG VPN does have three US servers that have been known to work with Netflix, this can change almost instantly.

In truth, AVG’s server response  speed is not typically fast enough to comfortably stream Netflix. So if you do circumnavigate their IP blocks using AVGs servers then you’ll likely run into a speed issue.

Torrenting With AVG VPN

While AVG allows torrenting, it’s limited to only eight locations worldwide.

And dig a little deeper than the unlimited bandwidth on offer from AVG as, much like with streaming on the AVG servers, the speed is very slow.

The 8 server locations AVG offers for torrenting:

    • Prague
    • Paris
    • Frankfurt
    • Amsterdam
    • London
    • Miami
    • New York
    • Seattle

Gaming with AVG VPN

AVG does not actually work with gaming consoles.

That, combined with the slow speed, does not make this the ideal VPN for gamers.


The facts don’t lie when it comes to products and services. We need to know some fundamental logistical information before making a VPN purchase like cost, security, and value.
How Much Does AVG VPN Cost?

While the pricing is reasonable, the actual purchasing of the product can be confusing. They do not offer monthly subscriptions but only yearly subscriptions.

  • 1 Year $3.99 per month but billed as $47.88 for the whole year
  • 2 Year (which is the recommended value) $3.49 per month.  Billed as $83.76 for the whole two years upfront.
  • 3 years, $2.99 per month.  Billed as $107.64

Because you have to pay upfront for at least one whole year, we recommend you do the free trial first before you make a purchase.

Is AVG VPN Secure?

AVG doesn’t log where you go on the internet, but it does have weaker encryption relative to other products on the market.

Neither does AVG have a kill switch (like NordVPN for example).

Why is this important? A VPN will occasionally lose connection no matter which company you go with, and if there isn’t a kill switch, you will be left unprotected.

Is AVG VPN Worth the Money?

Well that depends on what you are using it for. If you are going to be streaming Netflix or gaming, then AVG won’t be worth your hard earned money, especially since you can’t choose a monthly subscription. That, combined with slow speeds, doesn’t spell value.

That said, it’s a VPN service from a trusted brand name and does allow limited torrenting, so for some users, it may be just what they are looking for. 

It is also on par, if not at the cheaper end of the spectrum, price-wise with other VPN services.

Pros and Cons



A free trial and money-back guarantee gives you the opportunity to really try AVG out for yourself.

For general internet browsing and offering a layer of safety online, AVG does exactly that at a very reasonable annual price.

But for heavy users – read; streaming, torrenting, gaming – then you’re probably better spending a little more money and looking at a higher end VPN on market to ensure uptime, consistency of service and speed.


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