About Open Developer

Think of Open Developer as a kind of VPN for Dummies, maybe ‘explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old’. You get the idea.

Riley Marsden, Chief Editor

Our aim is to provide you, the reader, with trusted and easy-to-understand reviews of VPNs out there on the market. And believe me there’s a lot.

We handpick the VPNs we want to review, often at the request of some of our users. People also want to see certain VPNs put side by side and compared directly, so we created VPN battles to find a winner from just those 2. We find it helps people make a more confident decision. The feedback we get suggests this too.

Our reviews are based on two key things; testing and providing those results in simple terms that a non-technical person can easily understand.


Because we care about helping the majority improve their awareness, knowledge and ultimately their internet security.

Yes there are a hundred websites explaining VPNs to people in technical terms that go over the head of the regular internet user. However we believe that everyone on the internet should be browsing securely, not just the few.

That’s the gap that Open Developer aims to hit.

How Did Open Developer Start?

Like many websites, from a bedroom.

Riley Marsden, the site’s creator and chief editor is a full stack developer by trade and has contributed heavily to the open development communities, hence his alias as the Open Developer.

Since then the website has grown and has required the help of other talented writers to sustain and improve that upward trajectory. Each of our writers has a background or formal education in a tech niche and all are regular, heavy users of VPNs.

At the time of writing we have a small team of four who test, write, test and write some more.

All of our reviews come from a basis of authentic tests. We never receive any free subscriptions, we pay for them ourselves. Our primary focus is to put ourselves in the shoes of the everyday VPN user – we don’t want any privileges. That’s the only way we can arrive to an impartial result.

The Team

Riley Marsden, Chief Editor

Brian Choi, Technical Writer


Leona Baker, Technical Writer

Trevor Akinde, Technical Writer